explore running across the city

Run Sheffield is an independently printed magazine, a documentation of the city and the people who run within it. Using imagery and words, these stories will give an insight into people’s journeys through running, explore their why and look at how the simple act of lacing up and putting one foot in front of the other can not only help each individual, but grow communities.

Photo by Saul Brown (@its.saul.brown).

A one-PERSON magazine

With a background in filmmaking, John Taff released Issue One of Run Sheffield in September 2023. With a longstanding interest in printed magazines (and coming close to publishing a magazine on a few occasions in the past),  John decided to create something that told the story of those who shared his passion for running. Over the course of six months, John threw himself into the task printing a magazine independently, not only conducting and editing all of the articles but also designing the magazine and building the website and Instagram. Run Sheffield largely remains a solo operation and a proudly independent magazine supported by readers and sponsors.

John hopes the project can be enjoyed by the people who are fortunate enough to call Sheffield home and those who are admiring from further afield. And that the printed magazine will encourage us to put down our devices a little more often and extend that not-so-unfamiliar experience we know as runners.